What’s Your Take on that?

Dec 14, 2019

This is the fifth post in the ‘Why Blog’ series. Here’s a list of the posts in this series:
~ Why Blog When There are So Many Out There
~ Blogging Helps You Be Found
~ Be Trustworthy (because, shouldn’t we all be trustworthy?)
~ What’s Your Take on That? ~ Blogging helps you establish your positioning
~ They Want To Know ~ Blogging allows you to educate your clients

Blogging helps you communicate clearly to your visitors what’s unique about your business, how you’re different than your competitors, and how you can fulfill your ideal audience’s needs, whether that’s through your service or sharing information.

This is called, in a nutshell, establishing your positioning. Sure you can do this in copy as well as through the use of color and the overall feeling you give on your website in general, but blogging lets you take it and make it real. 

Show How You Are Different

You are not like the person or business down the street that does the same thing. They might serve a similar audience, but there is something about each of you that attracts who you do. You both use your own words, talk a certain way and share a certain opinion about the area of expertise you share.

If you’re blogging strategically in your business, your posts consist of topics related to what your business does. The way you write about them will be reflective of what you believe, your stances on those topics.

Your unique perspectives will be what sets you apart in the minds of your readers. The way you write, your word choices and tone of voice will help carry that through as well.

What’s your unique positioning?

Share Your Stories & Opinions

By writing posts you build trust in the knowledge department, but combining that with your personality that shines through your blog posts makes you real. Sharing stories and opinions help readers connect with you. This establishes your positioning in their minds even more.

Blogging brings people back for more so they come to understand how you’re different from that business down the street even when you don’t have a physical space for them to come visit (or perhaps in addition to!)

Show You Understand & Are Trustworthy

Creating content that is positioning you as an expert, as one who understands the problems your readers and clients face, who is knowledgeable to help in the unique way that you do is what builds the trust and defines your positioning. This helps you find the people that are open to receiving the help you provide and who will become your audience and, hopefully, future customers.

This goes back to the post Be Trustworthy where I talked about doing the research to know what your ideal audience is struggling with. Positioning takes it a step further to create the unique solution to offer them, offer it in a way only you can provide, and in the way that they need.

Take Action

Take time to think about what you can write about related to your area of service and expertise. What about that sets you apart from your competitors? Do you look at things from a different angle? Write out what makes you different.

Tricia laughing, looking at the camera

Hello! I’m Tricia, and I help consultants and coaches get online with websites that aren’t only great to look at, but that reflect the quality service you provide and get you booked!

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