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What you can learn by watching

Sep 12, 2020

I’ve spent a lot of time the past few months at the skate park with my youngest. Sometimes there is no one there except him on his scooter. He goes back and forth practicing and perfecting his tricks, spending time experimenting, and adjusting his technique.

He likes to come when he has it to himself, but also when there are others. He doesn’t really compare himself to them. He watches and mulls what he sees over in his head. He thinks about which ones are at his level and what he needs to learn before he can master them himself if they are just beyond his skills.

It seems like these kids all know the basic tricks and show them off daily, but they all put their own spin on them, making them unique.

The same is true for us as business owners and entrepreneurs. We can watch our competitors and try to be just like them. But that will make us blend in in the minds of others.

Or we can be like my son. See, he likes to chat with the other kids and make friends, but he also likes to just watch their tricks. He might only be a tween, but he knows that by watching he can learn. He knows by making friends that they can support and encourage each other. And that he can learn a lot simply by watching someone who has been doing this a lot longer than him. He also knows it’s not enough to simply watch, but that he has to take action and make the tricks his own.

By watching our competitors and learning from them, we can figure out where and how to bring our own special sauce to what we do. You know what that means, right? Taking action. Experiment and adjust. Do “it” the way only we can so that we stand out. Just like the other kids at the skate park.

Take Action

Who are your competitors? What can you learn / have you learned from watching them that you can apply to your own business and attracting your ideal client?

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