What does your ideal client need from you?

Nov 4, 2020

What does your ideal client need from you?

Nov 4, 2020

The other day I was watching my hubby spreading out grass seed prepping one last time before the snow falls. The ground is all prepared, but the seed is landing everywhere. This reminds me of how we sometimes approach our businesses.

Prep Work

You can have done the prep work and know your audience, but you have no control over your clients’ willingness to make an investment. Just like hubby having no control of the sudden wind storm sending the seed everywhere other than where he wanted it to go. 

The one thing you can control, is helping to make sure the conditions are right for them to make that buy, whenever that may be. But you need to do the work to prep for that! 

Some may see this prep work as nurturing your client to the point of being ready to take that next step and dive right in. 

Question: What needs to happen to get your ideal client to that point of buying? 

My hubby had to scrape up the soil, add fertilizer and be ready to go out and spread the seeds right before it rained. Your future client might need to understand what they need to have ready to be better successful working with you. 

Maybe they need to do work on their end to get to the position of working with you, getting other things in place first. (Do they know what those things are? Have you told them?) 

Could they be hanging on your every word? Striving and waiting until it happens for them, so they can reach out and start! (Are there things you can do to help get them to that point?) 

Others may think you need to put everything in place for them so that they can have the best experience. 

Take Action

Take a step back and think about where your ideal client is. Make a list of topics your ideal client could benefit from reading. Use these questions to start making a list. Then start writing blog posts to help them! Add a freebie or small product that can help them achieve their goals and get that much closer to working with you! (Need some help getting started with that blog? Check out How to Start blogging.)

Are they needing more from you so that they can get to the point of saying yes? Perhaps additional training, worksheets, organizing tips.

Are they confused or not clear on what’s actually needed or what prep work you help provide? Do you have pre-requisites or only work with women over 50?

What could nudge them a little closer to making that investment? Are they interested in a free webinar to get a better feel for your teaching style? Would more posts about ______ help them gain confidence in reaching out to you?

Tricia Isham, web designer

Hi! I’m Tricia, and I help coaches and consultants get online with websites that aren’t only great to look at, but that work to get you booked!

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