What do I Do Next?

Nov 22, 2021

You’ve got your business name and email set up, maybe you’ve already created a website (or had me create one for you, hint, hint) and you’re wondering what to do next to attract the ‘right’ clients. Show up consistently, giving them a consistent experience.

Maybe you don’t have a website yet, and are just starting on social while you get prepared to get a website that reflects you and your business (because you know most people do a search for a website to confirm in their minds that people they want to work with are ‘legit’ so its on your to-do list…)

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This ‘what do I do next’ is a great question, and I’ll give an idea, but don’t want to make too many assumptions.

  • First, do you have an offer? Have you put it out to the world to see? Or are you maybe holding it close to your chest because you’re not quite sure it’s ready to share yet?
  • Second, and don’t worry, there are only three…do you know who you are going to serve yet/who you are going to target your offer to? Do you know who they are, as far as what their needs are? Have you done some research to know what you offer is something they need?
  • Third, do you have an idea of the price point for your offer, which will help you narrow down exactly who can afford your offer and therefore zero in on how to get in front of them with your offer?

Already done those things? OK great!

Oh, have done some of those things…that’ll work too, as long as you know there’s a little more work to be done to be more effective with your marketing, along with your branding and website…

Show Up on Social

With those done, I’m thinking its safe to assume you are showing up on social media, or plan to, and likely you’re showing up several places in addition to your website.

Get comfortable with actively showing up in one place, and making that place be a happy combination of where you’re comfortable showing up and where you ideal clients is also actively showing up, it’s also a good idea to at least ‘own your ground’ on the most popular platforms. This is mostly so that you don’t lose that space to someone else during the time you’re perfecting showing up on the other platforms.

If you haven’t already, look up your business name on each social platform you feel could possibly be a place your ideal audience would use. If it’s available claim it. If not look for something similar. Remember you don’t have to be active on it, you’re just setting things up so if people search for you on them they can easily find you.

Done that? Perfect!

So why do I consider that something you should do after starting (you can pause here and read this blog post if you’re still not clear on where to start) because you want to show up consistently wherever you show up, and that includes the searchable name you ‘own’ on each social platform. When your name on these is the same or very similar to your website name, its easier for people to find you!

Free Workshop to Help with a Consistent Experience

If you’d like to learn more about how a consistent experience across social and your website can help you become more memorable and help you make a deeper impact by attracting clients you can serve, you’ll be interested in my FREE workshop: 4 Steps to Being Memorable and Intentional ~ So you can make a deeper impact.

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This workshop is free, and when you sign up you’ll receive the links to download a workbook (not one of those with only spaces to fill in, but with some super helpful steps written out) and a link to watch the workshop video. This is workshop-style, so while the video itself is only 35 minutes long, there are action steps to take throughout, so give yourself at least an hour to work through the whole thing taking notes. Then plan to go back and actually DO THE WORK!

Four steps to set yourself up to make an impression on those who find you, wherever they find you. A consistent experience from the very beginning, and one that matches the quality of the service you provide speaks volumes to clients.

The link to sign up for that FREE workshop again: https://triciaisham.com/memorable-intentional-workshop/

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Hello! I’m Tricia, and I help consultants and coaches get online with websites that aren’t only great to look at, but that reflect the quality service you provide and get you booked!

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