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Mar 16, 2019 | Web Design, WordPress

Earlier this week Facebook and Instagram were down and I saw a lot of people panicking. Or maybe some were just frustrated, but it sure caused a lot of activity!

I was actually at a co-working day and just before I learned about what was happening heard “What did you do?” from one of the two people working together in the front of the room. One was trying to post to a facebook group and it didn’t work.

I’m curious to see if you or your business was affected by this. I don’t mean it in a snarky way, just curious because a lot of people have been commenting on Facebook since it happened, talking about how it’s a perfect example of why you shouldn’t rely JUST on Facebook or JUST on Instagram for your business.

For the record, I totally agree, but also know some people are just starting on this entrepreneurial journey and don’t have a website or don’t have an email list yet. And you know what, that’s fine! If you’re one of them, keep going!

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Don’t let what happened with Facebook and Instagram going down for a little while make you stumble in your journey. Let it be an encouragement to keep growing.

Here are some things for all of us to consider whether you only have a home on Facebook or have a website and active social media following:

  • Where do you call your online home?
  • Where do you send people who inquire about your services? Where is it that you know will be there even when your social media platform of choice is down?
  • Where else can they sign up for your freebie and stay in contact with you?
  • Where else do you show up to offer them value?

I encourage you to have one steady place that you can call home. What do I mean by this? I mean a place that you have control over, like a minimal or one-page website. On top of this, I encourage you to be active on at least one social media platform. (But don’t try to spread yourself too thin with a lot of social media platforms. That’s hard to keep up with!)

Maybe that social media platform shows up for you as Pinterest, a podcast, a YouTube channel, Twitter. Maybe it’s not really social media but rather being an active blogger or guest posting with a bio that includes a link back to signing up for your list. Any of these can drive people to sign up for a list where you’ll be able to nurture that relationship through newsletters.

I know I preach ‘build your business home as a website, not on social’ and I wholeheartedly feel that having a home you own is the best way to appear steady and professional to possible clients. But seriously, no matter where you are building your home as a new entrepreneur you should be proud that you are indeed taking the steps to build it.

If this week’s social media blip made you start thinking about creating that website you’ve been meaning to start, I’d love to help you sure things up a bit by working together to get you a home you own in addition to the social media space you’re renting.

Get on my calendar and let’s chat about what your real needs are for your business. Or go ahead and check out the website packages I offer. No matter how much I’d love to work with you, I want to help you in a way that’s best for your business. After all, every business is unique, and therefore your needs are unique too.

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