Completely Impartial

Website Audit

You created your website but showing it to your friends for honest feedback just isn’t enough. They don’t know your business, they don’t want to hurt your feelings. You’re looking for constructive advice but don’t know where to look for it.

Looking up from desk while working with website wireframe cards

I’m offering my first impressions of your website…

I’ll share what I think you should keep doing and what you should consider stopping/changing.

I’ll serve as your completely impartial and honest 3rd party, here to help you elevate your presence and show up online as the pro you are.

I realize not everyone needs the in depth strategy session which is the first step to working with me. Sometimes you just need to know what to tweak to make changes until you can invest in something more.


  • An outline of my findings
  • A video with further explanations of those findings
  • A 30 minute call to clarify any questions

Just to note:

  • These findings are based on my experience as a web designer since 2016.
  • My findings will be delivered within two weeks.


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