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Dec 21, 2019

In previous posts I’ve talked about why you should be blogging for your business and how you can use your blog to connect with your audience and have otherwise been trying to show you that blogging can get fresh eyes on your website and therefore the services you offer.

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Blog to Educate

Using your blog to educate your reader about topics related to your area of expertise or service is another great reason to blog. Bonus that it can be a great way to prepare them for working with you!

You can use your blog to teach your readers about your service in general. Are there key concepts that you can explain more clearly? Do you have a process that you can describe to help them be more comfortable working with you? Are you an expert on a topic and they are coming to learn specific methods or techniques from you?

Blog to Help the Reader

I’d like to challenge you to look at blogging as a means to give and help rather than just to impart knowledge. This sort of goes back to the post Blogging Helps You be Found where I shared about blogging with a strategy or purpose.

When you blog to impart knowledge your focus is on you, even though you think its on your reader.

When you blog to give and to help the reader, you’re coming at it from the perspective of speaking to their needs and struggles, helping them overcome a problem. And not just any problem, but the one they are struggling with.

Focus on Them to Connect with Them

This alone will help the reader connect with you, when you’re helping with a problem they are dealing with, but when you also incorporate their words? Bingo!

So when you (and I) blog, remember that your reader wants to know what you have to say. They want to know how you can help.

So do that. Blog to help. Blog about something your reader wants to learn or to hear.

Take Action

What does your reader want to know? Have you asked them? Have you gone looking to find out?

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