The Focus

  • Focus your business
  • Find your uniqueness
  • gFinesse your confidence

Ready to look like the
professional you are?

The Focus is the first step to working together.

We start with a 90 minute deep dive interview where I’ll get to know everything about your business – where you are, where you’ve been, and where you want to go – so I can understand how your website can help you achieve your business goals, in addition to helping you show up as your expert self.

After our conversation, you’ll receive a focused, strategic plan, where your brand opportunity will be explained in the simplest terms, and will tell you what you need to start and stop doing to bring it all to life.

This Focus session uncovers your foundation and guides us to what strategies you should use to get eyes on your website. This leads us to what your website should include when it goes live so you can show up as the professional you are.

You can take this plan and implement it on your own, or keep it simple and have me do the work to make it happen. The plan itself is a valuable guide for you and your business, so you win either way. Lots of people just invest in The Focus session because its valuable on its own.

Investment: $499*

*the cost of The Focus is applied to the full project
when you decide to move forward.

As someone who engages in many professional pursuits, it’s easy for me to get lost in the details and fail to connect all of my efforts. The Focus (formerly known as The Brand Shift) helped me gain focus on what my business is really about, who my audience is and what purpose my website ultimately serves.


Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Custom Professional Learning

[The Focus (formerly known as The Brand Shift)] outlined a clear vision and plan for my brand. That it so clearly conveyed my brand helped crystalize my own thinking and gave me confidence moving forward with the website. I firmly believe I wouldn’t have written the content I wrote without having this solid anchor in my brand that you provided.


Owner & Evaluation Consultant, Rhonda Schlangen

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