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The Focus

Focus your business

Find your uniqueness

Finesse your confidence

Ready to look like the professional you are
but need a little focus?

Gain clarity and greater understanding in your business,
and the confidence to take action.

Together we’ll clarify the foundation for your business, then create a plan to actually show up online in a way that your ideal client will be excited to sign up to work with you.

This focus will allow you to know what to say no to, what to say yes to. You’ll be less scattered, feel more competent and will project more confidence…making people realize more quickly they can trust you.

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*the $500 cost of The Focus is applied to the full project when you decide to move forward.

We’ll concentrate on three areas in your Focus Strategy Session:

Set yourself apart and show up as the expert your audience has been looking for.
(So you know how/what you serve with.)

Identify your why, your values, education, and experience that sets you apart from other consultants.

Understand your competitors and what separates you.

Attract your ideal clients by understanding your uniqueness and how you serve using it.

Stand out in the sea of other consultants by owning your uniqueness. Your strengths, motivators, values and background/experience allow you to serve the way you do, in the way your ideal clients needs.

Embrace your uniqueness and attract the right type of clients. The ones who align with your vision and purpose

At the end of this session you’ll understand how your education, experience and values bring a uniqueness to what you do and how you do it. You’ll understand how what you do and how you serve is different from your competitors, so that you can marry it with your niche and create the perfect offer for them.

Identify your niche audience and how to ‘get inside their heads’ so they relate to you as the expert.
(So you know what they need you to offer.)

Combine your differentiation with your niche and you are speaking to the one person you serve best with your uniqueness.

Understand who you serve so you know how to serve them best.

Having a niche allows you to be seen as an expert without having to impress the masses in a way that feels inauthentic to you. No more bending to every request, every client that isn’t a right fit ande all that time spent putting together proposals for clients who don’t need your exact services in the first place.

Refine your packages to serve them in the exact way they need, with the offer they need.

Walk away from this session with a clear understanding of exactly who your ideal audience is, and what they want (and need.) You can then pair it together with the unique way you serve, so that you can create key messaging to establish trust with your ideal audience.

Clarify the key messaging to attract the right kinds of inquiries.
(So you know how they need to hear it.)

Speaking to everyone is speaking to no one. Speak to the one person you serve best will allow you to show up being seen as the expert.

Finally talk to your ideal customer with confidence by understanding what sets you apart from your competitors and having a deep understanding of who you serve.

Break through the noise with your messaging so prospects know you and understand exactly who and how you can help.

Focus your messaging and you’ll know what to say on your website, on social, in your next newsletter or blog post, what to say on podcasts and finally feel like you are “legit”.

Walk out of this session with the framework for consistent messaging to connect with your ideal customers. Make it easy for them to understand, and establish trust, which will ultimately increase the perceived value of your services and potentiality for sales.

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*the $500 cost of The Focus is applied to the full project when you decide to move forward.

Get focused in key areas of your business to make showing up easier.
Uncover what makes you stand out from the rest.
Identify opportunities, a clear niche and message that will attract your audience.
Know what you provide that your audience needs and put it into words they can understand.
Walk away with a complete understanding of your magic sauce, your one clear focus and point of authority
…a complete understanding of your message.


This isn’t *just* a ‘strategy’ session.

I’ve done this many times AFTER sending the proposal when a client asked for a website. In the course of this focused work there can be serious ‘ah-ha’ moments that create pauses and pivots. It makes sense to experience them BEFORE we dig in to your project rather than experience that frustration  of pivoting after we start!

Some clients found clarity in their niche, or their eyes were opened to a whole new approach.

Some realized they needed more prep time before starting a full-fledged website project because their offers needed to be refined and boundaries firmed up.

Sometimes they didn’t want to ‘dig deep’ and ended up coming back soon after their project was complete when they realize they needed more than *just* a website like they initially insisted.

It’s in your best interest (and honestly, the interest of your clients) to know the possibilities and see the bigger picture BEFORE we even get to the proposal stage.

You’ll receive a Guidebook, a roadmap… a focused, strategic plan if you will… that explains your brand opportunities and differentiators in the simplest terms. You’ll know what you need to start and stop doing to bring to life an online presence that truly reflects your business, attracts your ideal audience and grows your business.

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Partial screenshot of Pebble website framework

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*the $500 cost of The Focus is applied to the full project when you decide to move forward.

“As someone who engages in many professional pursuits, it’s easy for me to get lost in the details and fail to connect all of my efforts.The Focus (formerly known as The Brand Shift) helped me gain focus on what my business is really about, who my audience is and what purpose my website ultimately serves.”
– Sheila
Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Custom Professional Learning

“[The Focus (formerly known as The Brand Shift)] outlined a clear vision and plan for my brand. That it so clearly conveyed my brand helped crystalize my own thinking and gave me confidence moving forward with the website. I firmly believe I wouldn’t have written the content I wrote without having this solid anchor in my brand that you provided.”

– Rhonda
Evaluation Consultant, Rhonda Schlangen

Provided a process for tackling the website, helped me focus on defining what I do and who I am and having a timeline to ensure that I did my part to move it forward. Its exciting and energizing. [Our new website] motivates us to take the next step.”
– Laura P
Evaluation Consultant, Evaluation Plus

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