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Second Impressions

Aug 1, 2018

*Some of the links within this post are affiliate links, which means, if you click on them and make a purchase I may receive a benefit at no additional cost to you.

First impressions say a lot, but do they always carry through to second impressions? What about the third time?

Second Impressions are just as important as first impressions. Read more at https://triciaisham.comI am a big fan of Stitch Fix, a clothing company that sends you a selection of clothes to try on at home, keep what you like and return anything you don’t. It’s a convenient way to shop and they match the clothes they send to your style. They have a great online method to learn your style and improve the selection of what they send based on the feedback you provide at the time of your purchase.

Second Impressions are just as important as the first. Read more at https://triciaisham.com/second-impressions/

My first impression of Stitch Fix was based on a friend’s experience. She liked what she received so much that she shared her affiliate link on facebook. She wrote a few lines about how exciting it was to receive a box of clothes based on a questionnaire she filled out, answering questions about her style, commenting on images that either represented her style or were nothing like it. She said it was fun! And she loved the clothes she received.

Based on her experience I gave it a try, too! It was fun to think I might have the same experience, and the online questionnaire was simple and fun to complete. The anticipation for the box to arrive on my doorstep was met with the excitement of my package arriving.

The big logo on the box leaning up against the door when I arrived home…the items inside nicely wrapped with a personalized note from my stylist. The whole experience definitely exceeded what I expected, and left an amazing first impression. Each time I schedule a “fix” the anticipation and excitement start again. And each time I receive something I like I share my affiliate link with my friends, too.

Impressions Make a Difference

Stitch Fix is doing something right in a big way. They know their ideal clients (people who don’t have time to shop, who want quality clothing that isn’t like everything else you can buy in a store, and who want a few days to see if an item will fit into their wardrobe.) They know what their ideal client is looking for (based on a fun questionnaire.) They know how to package and send just what their client is looking for.

We can do the same with our websites and regular interactions with our clients and future clients, too. When we are consistent, it makes an impression. When we live up to the image we paint of ourselves, or simply do what we say we will (and maybe then some) it makes an impression. These impressions make a difference and can result in future work.

We can do the same with our services, making sure to tailor them to the needs of our audience, or even really get to know what we love doing and search out an audience that can truly benefit from our services. Helping our clients with our services leaves an impression on them and can lead to referrals.

But it doesn’t end there. Just like in my post about First Impressions, we need to carry our quality service through the whole client experience. Second Impressions can have an even greater impact on gaining future work.

How would I feel if Stitch Fix sent me a great “fix” the first time, but the second time instead of the sturdy box with their logo, the nice paper wrapping my items and a personal note from my stylist, I received a beat up cheap box on my doorstep and opened it to find items that were too small and looked like something out of the 70’s?

Second Impressions May Last Longer

Think about what impression you are leaving when working with your next client, or even communicating with someone who might not be a future client. This goes beyond their experience with your website. The sum of all the impressions you leave with them may be what prompts them to share your information with your ideal client.

And by the way, I do love Stitch Fix for even more than their nice clothes. When scheduling my last fix, I shared in the questionnaire that hubby and I are planning a big anniversary trip. My stylist passed the information along to management, who sent a very nice personalized gift and card from Stitch Fix. You bet that made a big impression!

Next time we’ll talk more about being consistent with the ways our potential clients come into contact with us, including social media as well as our websites.

Take Action

Think about all the ways you come into contact with your client or potential client. What ways can you make sure the impression you leave them with is positive?

Some examples:

  • Are you consistent with your branding in every way you connect with them in print or online? (colors, logo, fonts)
  • If you blog, do you produce content consistently and make sure it is helpful to your readers?
  • Do you use the same language in print (or online) as you do when you talk with them?
  • Do you provide the same quality of service every time you meet with them?
  • Are you consistent with your message?
  • Go above and beyond, like sending a note when you know it’s their birthday or taking a moment for a phone call when they achieve a milestone in the project you are working on together.
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