Recently Completed Podcast Landing Page

Oct 20, 2020

Recently Completed Podcast Landing Page

Oct 20, 2020

When you’re starting out on a new venture, you want to get the word out somehow…anyhow! That’s why Sherrie came to me.

Sherrie just launched a podcast and at first was inquiring about a website redesign, but what she really wanted was a dedicated place on her website to direct people when they wanted more information…a podcast landing page.

The project began just like many others, with a deep dive into her true needs. Sometimes it’s hard to know what that really is. You’re excited about this new thing you’re doing and hope to have a lot of traffic to your website, right? So you want to make your site look really good. But, once you start really looking at what you want to accomplish, you realize you actually need something different.

That’s what happened with Sherrie. She really needed a place for people who were interested in her podcast to actually land on her website, not a whole website redesign.

So we shifted gears and headed in that direction, putting the re-design on hold for now.

Brand Personality

Sherrie has an amazing story to tell, a true heart-felt experience that she uses to encourage others and share the hope they can find in God even though they are experiencing such pain. Hence the title of her podcast: Finding God in the Pain.


She wanted an encouraging, calm, yet open and inviting feel to come across on her landing page. Coral and navy are the colors, pre-set by her podcast artwork. Along with an abundance of white, to cleanly convey openness I paired the blue to convey trustworthiness and dependability. Then pulled in the warmth, friendliness and optimism of the coral. These colors will be used in different ways throughout the rest of her site when the redesign begins.


Keeping Sherrie’s brand personality in mind, we chose to keep with the Noto font family for all of her text. Noto Sans is clean and crisp for the subheadings and italicized intro text. Noto Serif is a simple text and was perfect for body copy. This combination echoed simplicity and a calm, nurturing feeling throughout each podcast-related page.

This project has taught me a lot about how to host and connect a podcast with a WordPress website and keeps my wheels spinning on how I can return to improve upon the integration of the two. I love it when I get to learn hands-on like this!

layered images of a pink flower and Sherrie Pilkington in magenta in the hero section on her website page
Tricia Isham, web designer

Hi! I’m Tricia, and I help coaches and consultants get online with websites that aren’t only great to look at, but that work to get you booked!

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