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Oct 26, 2019 | Branding, Web Design, WordPress

The most recent project was a website redesign of three pages for Sheila, a local consultant who is a ‘professional learning’ expert in my opinion! Redesigning websites to be strategic and achieve a goal is always an interesting project and this was so enjoyable as well!

Sheila is a teacher, coach, speaker and author, and frequently gives workshops and conferences. She had a big vision for her website and wanted me to redesign several pages to make more of an impact than she was able to create on her own. 

Sheila’s website redesign involved recreating the Home, About and Upcoming Events pages. I integrated her colors and icons into the design, made the pages easier to navigate, and organized them more strategically. This way they all can work together to create a more cohesive feel that supports the tone and voice she carries in real life. Because, after all, a speaker’s website needs to truly reflect their personality and clearly convey what they offer.

The Redesign Process Was a Little Different

Working on this website was a little different than my past projects. Sheila and I met in person to talk strategy and form a plan, which was fun! Since she travels quite often to speak and teach, we decided to revamp her website one page at a time. This way there was little down-time and the connections she made were able to access to her site without being greeted by an ‘Under Construction’ message.

It was also different because it began with an existing website. Most of the content remained the same, but needed to be re-organized to be visually in line with Sheila’s branding and be more strategically organized. Sheila has this depth of knowledge and this amazing way of teaching, but it wasn’t really highlighted as her main offering on her original home page. 

Computer on a clean desk with Sheila B Robinson's redesigned website on the monitor

Many people think revamping or redesigning a site is easier since all of the content is already on the website, but that’s not necessarily true. In this case the process wasn’t complicated by existing content, but sometimes it actually makes the process more difficult. 

Additional Project Components

The project also included reviewing and walking through setting up a list for Sheila to better build relationships with her website visitors. I reviewed her workflow and made sure the email funnel process made sense from a recipient perspective.

It’s always a good idea to test workflows and systems in real-time and have another pair of eyes on the content and process as well if possible.

Happy Client

I’m so glad Sheila’s personality, interests and expertise now shine through on her website, giving her the professional first-impression that she so rightly deserves!

You can read more about this website revamp and see the home page before and after images as well as final page layouts on this case study page.

Edited to add:  Sheila literally just came back this week to have the remaining pages of her website redesigned, too!

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