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Oct 19, 2019

I love sharing completed projects, to show off what my clients are doing and to celebrate with them as projects finish. I’m always excited to see how they are able to make a greater impact in their world with a website that was created specifically for them to move their business forward. This was so very true for the recent Business Coach website I completed.

In the past two months two wonderful ladies have launched their websites and today I’ll be sharing just a snippet about Kathleen, of Kathleen Fischer Coaching.

Cover photo for Kathleen Fischer Coaching website project


Kathleen came to me with a strong sense of her brand colors and the aesthetic she was looking for in a website. She has pivoted in her coaching business and wanted to create a website that would encourage, nurture and give her visitors a sense of peace. As part of this transformation in her own business, she had also worked with a different agency to develop her brand story and plan.

Project Scope

This started out as a new website project for her new Christian Business and Life Coach business, but as I began working with Kathleen it moved into a combination of branding and design, culminating in a website and business cards. 

Colors & Elements

Kathleen’s a lover of the ocean and the beach, and this has become the foundational theme for her coaching packages, moving away from the butterfly she used when coaching women through transformations. Therefore, it’s natural that we kept the beautiful shade of blue that she adores and expanded her color palette to include softer swashes of blues and teals throughout her website pages.

I loved working with Kathleen. She had a strong foundation when we started, not just centering her packages around the ocean theme, but had already created her packages and was working on tightening them up when we started working together.

It became very obvious very quickly that Kathleen’s website needed more than just the dropping in of information to a template. Don’t get me wrong, templates are a great place to start when you are starting out, but you have to bend your content to place in them.

Website Strategy

When designing around the content that a business needs to have on their website, the strategy behind a website can be weaved into the site as a whole taking into consideration the content that’s needed. The structure of the site is given more importance and the website can truly become a tool used by the business. It’s one advantage of working with someone with the knowledge not just of website design, but the foundational strategy needed upon which a good website can be built (and built to grow and be added to in the future.)

Kathleen’s business coach website turned out beautifully, the content is just what a prospective client needs to know to explore the possibility of working with her, and the layout leads them through every step of that journey.

Business Coach website

I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to work with Kathleen, to bring her vision to life and to help her reach more women who can in turn improve their lives and reach others! I’ve written a bit more about here site on the case study you can find on this page.

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Hello! I’m Tricia, and I help consultants get online with websites that aren’t only great to look at, but that reflect the quality service you provide and do the heavy work to get you booked!

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