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A Consultant’s Website

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Project Details: Website Redesign

Client: Sheila B. Robinson
Date: September 2019
Skills: Web Design, Branding, Strategy

Project Description

I loved working on this website redesign project!

Sheila is a teacher, coach, speaker and author, who frequently gives workshops in businesses. She had a big vision for her website and wanted someone to redesign several pages to make more of an impact than she was able to create on her own.

Sheila’s website redesign involved recreating the Home, About and Upcoming Events pages with her colors and icons, making them more easily to navigate, more organized and with a more cohesive feel that supports the tone and voice she carries in real life. Because, after all, a speaker’s website needs to truly reflect their personality and clearly convey what they offer.

Where It All Started

Sheila is a teacher in the most thorough definition of the word. She has this way about her that puts you at ease and allows you to trust that she deeply knows the subject matter she’s talking about. She wanted this to come through on her website redesign while maintaining her logo, menu and header image. But she was struggling conveying this in a concise, strategic and eye-pleasing way on her own.

She has a strong attachment to a particular image, which she uses as her header image layered under her credentials. Originally she pulled colors from this image to use as her logo, then pulled them into the icons she created. She wanted to use these same components in her redesign, which gave me a starting point.




Sheila wanted to highlight her past experience, as that speaks loudly in her profession, but there was a lot of text content. This is one reason she utilized accordions on her site in the past. I decided to continue using accordions to organize her information, but to use blocks to give the Home and About pages a more cohesive look.

Sheila also wanted her website visitors to be able to see the events she’s scheduled to speak at as well see her past events so they can know what additional topics she’s presented on before. I created a post template for her to clone and fill in for each new event, used the Post Expiratory plugin (set to move events to a Past Events page) and created a button on the Upcoming Events page so her visitors could do so. These simple steps created two pages, but kept her information cleanly laid out and pleasing to the eyes.

This website redesign gave her website a clean, strategic layout without compromising the wealth of information her readers would be expecting.

Final Pages

Sheila’s site is much more cohesive in style and really brings professional attention to her brand as a whole, which is really important when your brand is really all about you and your own unique abilities. I personally think her confidence shines much brighter in the new design!

Sheila is eager to learn more about maintaining and adding to her site on her own, so time has been set aside for a VIP Learning session. With the knowledge she’ll gain she will be able to quickly apply the brand colors and look and feel to the remaining pages on her site.


About Page

Upcoming Events Page

I had a website design that just wasn’t working for me. Tricia helped me see what was important to showcase about me and my work, and where those pieces fit best on my site. I’m so excited about the redesign of my pages! I think they reflect me and my business quite well now.


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