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Keynote Speaker Web Design

Sheila's website showing on the computer screen, with the computer sitting on the desk with a cup of coffee, a plant and phone

Project Details: Second Website Redesign

Sheila was a teacher, coach, speaker and author, who frequently gave workshops in businesses and schools.

She just shifted her business to keynote speaking and workshops!

Sheila’s website redesign involved applying the new branding she brought to me to her website and creating new Home, About, Speaking, Workshops pages and revising the Blog layout page. Because, after all, a speaker’s website needs to truly reflect their personality and clearly convey what they offer!



I had a website design that just wasn’t working for me. Tricia helped me see what was important to showcase about me and my work, and where those pieces fit best on my site. I’m so excited about the redesign of my pages! I think they reflect me and my business quite well now.


Webinars. Coaching. Consulting., Custom Professional Learning, LLC Workshops

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