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A Business Coach’s Website

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Project Details: Business & Life Coach Website

Client: Kathleen Fischer Coaching
Completion Date: September 2019
Skills: Web Design, Branding, Strategy

Project Description

July 2021 Update:

Kathleen came back to me in May 2021 exploring the idea of revamping her website over the summer to align with the new offers she was developing. In mid-July her newly revamped website launched!

As your offerings shift, your website should shift as well. Highlighting services you no longer provide leads to confusion, and we want it to be clear on your website who you serve and how!


Original 2019 Project:

This started out as a new website project for her new Christian Business and Life Coach business, but as I began working with Kathleen it moved into a combination of branding and design, culminating in a website and business cards.

Kathleen provides business coaching to women both online and in-person. She came to me with an established set of colors and was working towards an aesthetic that she hadn’t quite fleshed out yet as well as the Divi theme already installed on her domain. She knew that she needed a website to showcase her three main services and which could be built out as her services and goals expanded, but wasn’t able to create that site herself.

Where It All Started

When Kathleen and I first talked she mentioned how the first iteration of her business was focused on transforming women and how much she loved this particular blue butterfly and used it everywhere in her branding. She also felt strongly that although her business focus was still on transformation, that it was heading in a new direction.

Out of her own foundational work, she discovered her love of the ocean and the beach were inspiring her new offerings. We quickly embraced that same dark blue, added a wash to it and she began work on pulling her final packages together along with her website copy.


About Page


Kathleen didn’t have a logo when we began. I decided to include a free logo to start her project off on the right foot since upon project completion she would be going to a conference and be needing business cards. I happened to have a free logo creator kit, so gave her a selection to choose from. (Again, this was a free kit and I provided it to her for free. This is not something I normally include in my packages.)

The font used for the initials in her logo selection was carried through to the website as headings and carries a distinct feminine feel throughout the site.

At the completion of her project I also designed business cards for her. These included the basic information along with her full logo.

Work With Me Page

Testimonial Page

Branding Elements

As I already said, Kathleen didn’t bring any branding to the project other than the specific blue she was incorporating into a previous iteration of her business.

As her packages began being inspired by the beach and ocean, it was clear that a minimal website was no longer an option and I set forth to incorporate movement to her site. Splashes of blue on torn paper / wave-like bands became the central background for the quotes and scripture that broke her site up conceptually and visually.

Together with the more feminine font being used for the headings, the swashes of color brought a calm feeling and proved useful as a visual organizing tool for the good amount of content on each page.

Final Comments

Kathleen is a Christian Business Coach who obviously has a purpose and mission to help women better themselves. These helped keep the project moving forward and proved so helpful when it came to the strategy behind the design.

Even though Kathleen insisted on having multiple Calls to Action, having two distinct layouts for each proved to keep one the main focus at all times. 

It was such a pleasure to work alongside Kathleen on her new website. The encouragement she offered throughout the project helped me to understand what feeling her visitors should encounter even before working with her!

I am absolutely delighted with the site and the whole way you patiently, consistently and generously worked with me. Leading the way to success. Helping me to navigate the unknown areas with patience. Your design skills were a tremendous blessing to me! It allowed me to relax about design so I could focus on the services I would offer and the words and way I wanted to use to describe them.


Business Coach, Kathleen Fischer Coaching

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