Some of My Projects

Mockup of various devices for Curriculum Consultant

Curriculum Consultant Website

Educational consultants starting out on their own need a professional website to convey their expertise as well as to look legit to those looking to hire Professional Learning Experts for their schools.

Business and Life Coach Website

This started out as a new website project for her new Christian Business and Life Coach business, but as the project progressed, it moved into a combination of branding and design, culminating in a website and business cards.

Camping with Words Blog Website

Sometimes a blog is all you need to convey information people are looking for. Blogs are also nice because you can use them on websites to provide additional information by way of articles to your readers.

Podcast Website

After hearing about Michelle’s exciting venture hosting a podcast interviewing a wide variety of people who use and love WordPress, I was asked to lay the foundations for her new website, WP Coffee Talk!

Orchestral Composer's Website

This published orchestra composer wanted to recreate his website in Divi. His works are published formally, but many want to hear a piece before they buy it for their school orchestra to play.

Schoharie Valley Hand Knits

A website highlighting comfy, cozy wool knit throws. This site was fun to create for a knitter who wanted to showcase her products but also the local suppliers where she sourced her materials from.

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