Spill the Beans

Jun 1, 2019

Spill the Beans

Jun 1, 2019

Within the past few weeks I finished a quick-turn mini brand and website project for a friend. She is starting a podcast and came to me for help getting her website up quickly.

Michelle had all of her content and images ready to go and the know-how to place them on her site. She asked me to create the foundations of her site…the outline if you will…along with devising a set of brand colors for her. This mini-brand was based on all the information she gave me about how she wanted people to feel when they hear her podcast and the tone of voice she was using in her copy. She, of course, wanted this branding to flow through to her website visually.

Post image of blurred screenshot of the WPCoffeeTalk website with post title overlayed

Her podcast is called WPCoffeeTalk. I chose colors to carry her brand look and feel through the site. A rich brown (think coffee and coffee beans) and a leafy green (think coffee leaves and tea leaves for those who don’t drink coffee!) exude a friendly, warm, comfortable feel for the website.

I was given a brief list of sites she loves and one in particular that she likes the layout of. The foundation of her site is simple, and the layout and pages are based on her particular needs, including a form to apply to be on her show.

Image of WPCoffeeTalk HeroSection to show the logo and navigation sections

She loves her site and placed her images and copy on it over a weekend. Within just a few days she had over 10 people requesting to be on her podcast via her website!

My friend’s name is Michelle Ames, and she is an established speaker, author, coach, consultant and now…podcast host! You can usually find her helping someone at a WordPress meetup, writing a talk for a WordCamp, doing organizing tasks for a WordCamp US, running a branch office for WPGive or interviewing other WordPress users, designers or developers for her podcast! She is an amazing lady and I can’t wait to virtually meet the people she’ll be interviewing on WPCoffeeTalk!

You can view the completed website here: WPCoffeeTalk. I will add a link to her podcast once the first episode launches!

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