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Make your One Page Website Stand Out

Mar 14, 2018

One-page websites are great when you’re just starting out and want to establish your authority in an online space all your own. But sometimes the idea of coming up with the content can seem daunting. Today I’ll share what you really need to have on your site to make a true impact and hopefully take away a little of that overwhelm.

Be Clear and to-the-point

One-page websites are just that, one page. They may vary in length, but who wants to continue scrolling and scrolling to read an entire page of words?

Know the overall goal of your website. The visitor most wants to know how they can benefit from your product or services. Speak to that.

Be clear, and use succinct copy to convey your message. A one-page website is broken down into sections, some needing copy, others relying on images. Be concise, but in a tone of voice that will speak most to your visitors.

Use Great Images

Images help to convey your business’s personality and speak volumes to your visitors.Images also help break up a webpage and make it easier to realize what your business is and does than reading a lot of text. Using images that don’t really reflect your brand or personality, or are poor in quality doesn’t leave a very good impression.

Images paint the picture of your business, and just like pictures hanging in a museum, can elicit emotion from your visitors. Studies have been shown that people remember more of what they read when its accompanied by a picture (click here to read the link to one article about this). Help them remember!

Multiple Calls to Action

One-page websites can get pretty lengthy. (Any web page can get lengthy for that matter!) Placing multiple calls to Action throughout your page allows your reader to take action wherever they are on your page. They don’t have to continue to scroll to the bottom to fill out that contact form (that might actually forget to fill it out if they get distracted along the way!)

You can also offer more than one call to action, although try not to offer too many! Consider placing a newsletter sign-up towards the top of the page if you want to build your email list, and place a contact form at the bottom of your page.

If you want to simply use your website to build your email list consider placing your newsletter signup at different points throughout your page. I offer different suggestions based on the overall goal of your website when we are in the process of setting up your Just Get My Website Launched Now package.

Easy Navigation

Just because its a one-page website doesn’t mean you don’t need navigation on your site! A one-page website can get pretty long, and your visitor will more than likely want to scan it to see how they can benefit from reading it. Help them out with easy navigation, like a simple menu at the top, back to top arrows when they are in the middle and bottom of the page. A menu in your footer will also help! It’s these little details that make a difference to a reader.

These are fairly simple points to remember when pulling elements together for your one-page website, and they hopefully take away a little apprehension you may have regarding the content of your site. These together with a clean and clear layout will make your website stand out!


Remember we’ll use simple navigation, great images, and succinct copy, plus place your calls to action throughout your page to help your visitor have a great experience on your website.

Tricia laughing, looking at the camera

Hello! I’m Tricia, and I help consultants get online with websites that aren’t only great to look at, but that reflect the quality service you provide and do the heavy work to get you booked!

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