I was voted Most Quiet

Jul 18, 2020

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about introversion lately.  I’m an introvert. When I was little I was called shy, quiet, sensitive, withdrawn, timid, insecure…

In my senior year of high school I was voted ‘Most Quiet.’ My worst nightmare came true. I was called out as too quiet in front of my entire senior class at our senior dinner dance (and had to go to the center of the room and search through 100 balloons to ‘claim’ my reward with everyone watching. Not my idea of fun.)

See, I wasn’t snobbish or withdrawn, I just didn’t really have a lot to say. My best friends knew (and know) that I’m not really that quiet. I’m not afraid to be myself with them because we trust each other. When I’m talking about something I’m passionate about, you bet I have a lot to say! But I still collect my thoughts before saying them.

Can you relate?

I’m not saying all introverts are like me, but a mentor has helped me understand that being an introvert isn’t quite as bad as everyone makes it out to be. (I mean, seriously, it seems like all the other entrepreneurs I meet are extroverts and killing it with their online networking skills these days!)

Are you an introvert, too? I’m going to share just a few qualities of most introverts…think about how these might be true for you and your business.


Focused and hardworking. Can focus on one task for a long time (well, actually, I do like my shiny objects, but when I’m working on a project my head is down and my eyes are forward!)

How this shows up for me as an introverted web designer: Your website project gets all of my attention. I work with, at the most, two clients at a time, and even then I stagger the work I’m doing for them. When I’m considering the strategy for your website, I might be waiting on revisions from another client, but I’m not sharing my focus. My active work is on one project at a time.

Thoughtful & Introspective

When I was younger I used to fear what people thought of me. I was so afraid of being judged. (Seriously, It was so bad that I used to go into the bathroom just to cough.)

How this shows up as a web designer: Being thoughtful and introspective is where I find inspiration. I take it all in (observing and listening) and mull it around in my head. I think long and hard and deep about all of the options before speaking up or moving forward on the best course of action. It would be easy to just go through and compile everything needed for your website, but that wouldn’t make it unique for you and your business. When I’m designing a site, this is where I spend my time before I share the strategy behind your site’s layout.

Observant & Listening

Some might call us introverts shy, private, or withdrawn. I prefer to say I’m a good listener and very observant of my surroundings and all that’s happening in whatever situation I’m in.

How this shows up in my life: I’m taking it all in while you do the talking. I’m hearing your words, understanding their meaning and watching your body language when we’re on that consultation call. I’m taking notes about what’s working and what’s not. This helps me to truly convey the deeper meaning, your ‘why’ and all that it entails, on your website. This is, possibly, my greatest secret power.

Can you relate?

Are you an introvert starting your business, but afraid of getting online? Or maybe you already have a website but you’re just not comfortable with it and you don’t know why?

Creating a website really can seem an imposing task whether you’re DIYing or working with a professional designer. Getting in front of people, revealing something so personal as your business is hard. Introverted tendencies can be quite the stumbling block.

Your website is just one tool in your arsenal for attracting clients. And we can make a site that speaks for you!

Start thinking about your introverted-ness and think about how the introverted qualities that describe you can actually be turned around and seen as positives…for you and your business!

How does this relate to web design?

A lot of people are jumping on the trend of making a website in a day (one-day intensives) and I can do that, too. (Contact me if you need something quick! I can make arrangements!)

However, I also understand as an introvert, that sometimes you need to sit with an idea or design before feeling comfortable offering feedback. A little extra time is needed to review colors and typography before really understanding how that expresses your business’s personality visually. I ‘get it’ because this is exactly what I need as an introvert.

When we have our first consultation call, you’ll be asked questions that help me comprehend whether extra time should be built into the typical schedule to allow my clients to feel comfortable making decisions. I realize this about myself. So why shouldn’t I extend this grace to others?

Take Action

Send me a note or comment below if you can relate to being an introvert and how you see that playing out in your business. I’d love to start a discussion about this and see how I can support you in your business!

And if you’re curious, I’m reading the book The Introvert Entrepreneur by Beth L. Buelow. The website hasn’t been updated since 2018, but you might find some of the blog posts interesting.

Tricia laughing, looking at the camera

Hello! I’m Tricia, and I help consultants and coaches get online with websites that aren’t only great to look at, but that reflect the quality service you provide and get you booked!

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