How NOT to Stand Out

Jun 6, 2020

Hubby and I went on a double date a few months ago. OK, it was actually back in the summer, but we don’t get out very often…We went to this great BBQ place in the village. The pulled pork sandwich was amazing! We’ve been wanting to go back ever since, but sadly we’ll never have the chance.

I drove by this amazing BBQ place a few weeks ago (seriously, it was…) and noticed they had rebranded. They are now a burger and chicken place. They have a blue circle logo with plain white text that literally says Burgers and Chicken on it. I’m not sure what they’re official name is. I looked up their story and, no kidding, they rebranded to be more like other places in the neighborhood.

Um, Who Does That?

Actually, a lot of people do without realizing it. It starts when you are watching your competitors. Don’t get me wrong, watching them is ok and gives you a lot of information. It’s when you take this and instead of paying attention to ways to set yourself apart, you instead try to blend in.

Who wants to blend in rather than stand out?

What this BBQ joint had was completely unique. I always saw people walking in, or walking out with their white styrofoam boxes, and felt jealous they were going to eat it and not me! Now they have nothing to set them apart.

See, it’s so much harder to stand out and attract customers when you’re just like the place down the street (with better parking, I might add). 

Take Action

So today I want you to think about what sets you apart from others that do what you do, or write about the niche you’re in.

What makes you stand out? Tell us below.

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