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Mar 29, 2024

Taking a drive to the Adirondacks is always very interesting. So much of our drive there is along back roads through an impoverished area of New York State near where I used to live. A mix of nice houses and, well… not so nice.

Looking at some houses it’s hard to imagine what holds them together. It’s almost as if you could see through the walls in some places. Some are set so close to the road that through the curtain-less windows you can see items on the windowsill or people eating at a table through the wide open door.

Houses with no siding, half the windows boarded up with insulation blowing in the breeze. Lawns looking like they’d never been mowed. An old car in the driveway with grass growing up around it, yet it’s obvious someone lives there by the toys scattered around and the freshly cut firewood pile out in front. (In some cases REALLY REALLY nice cars parked by a house with doors and siding literally falling off.)

Some of these places simply look abandoned with no signs of life other than the weeds and trees taking over and growing through the roof in places. I don’t think I’d ever go in, ‘cuz I am fully aware they can be dangerous. Too many unknowns for this plays-by-the-rules girl. 

Neglected Houses / Neglected Websites

In a way I think the same with some websites I come across. 

I wonder, are they taken care of? Invested in? Is the business still going? Did the owner finally make that monthly income goal so feel they don’t need the site anymore?

I want to investigate. Some sites feel a little more safe to ‘enter’ and snoop around out of curiosity than others. 

In every niche there are websites that are hard to visit. I wouldn’t say they are like deteriorating homes, but rather outdated or really in need of attention.

You know the ones. There’s no structure or rhyme or reason to the menu items or the information included on the home page. Or they look abandoned, with an old copyright date and a design that looks like its from 30 trends ago. Yet, funny enough have a blog post dated last week.

Others are nice, easy to load and to gather information. Yet there’s something about them…something that’s lacking or instilling that bit of distrust. Maybe even with the pretty design they’re just plain hard to connect with the owner to purchase their services or buy their product.

I’d like to think this is all simply part of this is the current economy, just a way of life that’s difficult to see by the owner. Kinda like looking at houses in these impoverished areas I drove through. I’m not sure their owners view them as deteriorating. Or maybe that website just isn’t living up to the same potential that the business holds. 

I get it. It’s hard as a solopreneur, a consultant, a small business, to find the time to review your website and keep it updated so it doesn’t look abandoned if you aren’t blogging regularly.

There are options for website owners. 

Websites: Assessing the Potential 

Like for homeowners, it might involve a little elbow grease or a small investment to start. It might include spending time learning and honing skills, even though it feels tough.

Some may find they just aren’t in a place to improve their circumstances. Others may need to return their focus to their business.

It’s a tough spot to be in, there’s no doubt, and I’m not trying to place blame. We all need to take the time to truly assess where our businesses are, where our focus is, and to take steps to make sure we aren’t ignoring a big asset that can truly help our business growth. 

It’s just…that’s a tough task to do when you’re inside the bottle looking out. It’s hard to see that we’re letting a business asset run down when we don’t visit it and reassess it every once in a while.

Actionable Steps

Assess your Website

A fresh coat of paint (or in this case, a design update) can make a world of difference. Maybe you need to refocus on your business strategy, or perhaps it’s time to learn some new skills. Whatever it is, don’t let your business asset run down.

Take the time to visit your website and conduct a website audit. Try to truly view it as a visitor does. Better yet, ask a few trusted audience members or colleagues for feedback. Choose people who know the quality and expertise you provide. Then make a plan to take action.

Schedule a 5 minute appointment with yourself on a weekly basis to visit your site and make sure it’s even working! (Nothing like not knowing your site’s been down for a month!)

Embrace the Outside Perspective for Website Optimization

If you need help with an outside set of eyes, a fresh view of your services for an honest opinion. Please reach out. I offer initial free consult calls to help you understand what next step can help you. This may be a visual audit or The Focus Session to get you back on the right track.

Schedule your free 20 minute consult call and let’s chat about your next steps.

Tricia laughing, looking at the camera

Hello! I’m Tricia, and I help consultants get online with websites that aren’t only great to look at, but that reflect the quality service you provide and do the heavy work to get you booked!

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