Own Your Home

Start Establishing an Online Home (a.k.a Website) that YOU own In the last post, I started to answer the question I've been seeing a lot of lately, I'm about to launch my business. Should I start with a website or Facebook page? At the end of that post, I...

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Two Possible Website Goals

I've mentioned having an overall goal for your website before you begin to build it in To help your website stand out and Asking certain questions before you begin. Having website goals gives you a starting point with your website content and provides direction for...

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Second Impressions

*Some of the links within this post are affiliate links, which means, if you click on them and make a purchase I may receive a benefit at no additional cost to you. First impressions say a lot, but do they always carry through to second...

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First Impressions

Have you ever paid for an experience after being given expectations and were let down? Ever had a great first impression that made you stick around for more? My son recently went to a local day camp. The brochure listed it as "fun camp" and the description made it...

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