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Be Trustworthy

Dec 7, 2019

This is the third post in the ‘Why Blog’ series. Here’s a list of the posts in this series:
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Let’s continue our ‘Why Blog‘ series by exploring how blogging can help you become trustworthy and why that’s important. It’s not enough just to write blog posts.

I think we can all agree that we want to be seen as trustworthy. (Well, maybe most of us! There are some strange ones out there!) So think about why you find people in real life trustworthy. What characteristics make you want to keep going back to that person?

Think about the websites and blogs that you return to time and again.

What is it about them that makes you keep going back? There’s a level of trust there, right? I’m not just talking about informational sites, but entertainment as well. You return because you know that you’ll find what you expect.

When you regularly share good, quality blog posts, and then in turn share them on social media, people will find you, and those visitors will come to trust in you. They’ll want to return to your site again and again!

Also, just like in real life its not enough to be trustworthy once, you need to be consistent so when they do return that trust in you builds.

Imagine placing your trust in someone, then returning to them again only to find they aren’t there, or are suddenly acting and talking completely different than before. Sort of inconsistent, right?

Be consistent.

It’s important to be consistent both in how you represent yourself online as well as the subject matter you write about and the tone you use to present it. I mean, if you’re a lifestyle blogger, you’ll write about a variety of topics, but something about each of them is tied together.

Blogging about super detailed technical specs in one post and how to raise chickens to dance and sing in the next probably isn’t going to attract a very large audience, unless the underlying thing tying them together is consistent (which might be a stretch with these two examples.)

Post great content.

Content that is just what your audience is looking for. Provide information that is helpful to your particular audience.

When you are consistent and strategic in what you post about, visitors are likely to find other articles on your blog that relate to their topic of interest. This further builds trust in you, and in time you’re building a relationship with your reader.

So what does this whole being trustworthy thing look like in real life in terms of blogging?

Who do you help or serve?

First, do the research to figure this out. Knowing who you are trying to reach is really important if you want to reach them.

What are their concerns, struggles, or interests?

Are there specific topics you can address that your audience is known to struggle with? You can go where your audience hangs out to learn what these are. Then speak to these on your blog.

Providing help like this, and echoing their words back to them when you can, will help ensure you are writing and speaking to their needs. This will make them hang around for more once they find your website!

Share your blog posts.

You can just write a post and hope that it’s found by a search engine. Take it a step further and share it where your audience has another opportunity to find it. This is where the first steps come back into play…knowing who you help and where they hang out.

Be trustworthy.

Share what you know in a manner that is you. This isn’t the time to show everyone your vast vocabulary (unless that is something your audience loves) or wow everyone with your brilliant photography skills (unless that’s something you’re writing about or that will enhance what you’re blogging about.)

Blog about what your ideal visitor is needing that relates to what you do and what you know, in a way that reflects you and also that your visitor can relate to. And do this consistently. That’s what will make you be seen as trustworthy and attract repeat visitors.

“Content is key. the content that you create on your website and in social media is how people find you when they don’t know who you are yet. It should be rich with good information for your audience.”

Michelle Frechette

Take Action

Make a list of one or two places your ideal reader hangs out. Then go visit those places and learn about their struggles as they relate to what you do or the service you provide.

Then make a list of topics you can speak to with your level of knowledge, remembering that you don’t need to know everything…just a little more than your reader.

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