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Answer These Essential Questions to Build a Strategic Website: A Comprehensive Guide

Jun 5, 2023

You know you need a website, but aren’t quite sure what to include on it or where to start. I mean, everyone tells you a website is pretty much required for your business to be seen as legit.

When you’re first starting out creating a website can be completely overwhelming even though you see all the ads saying it’s easy.

Then when you do dive in and get started its beyond frustrating to figure out how to write your site. I mean, you’re just starting out and don’t have a lot of extra money laying around to hire a copywriter or designer, so you dig down deep and are doing it on your own. It makes the most sense!

And when you’re further along in your business journey and you want your website to match your business it’s even harder because you’re not quite sure how to achieve that.

Part of the reason is because in working day to day in your business you’ve got those details in your head. You need to flesh out some things and take a look at the bigger picture before you can start creating…and maybe even need someone else to help you do that so you can see it clearly.

At the beginning of every custom website project I ask my clients a whole bunch of questions within a deep dive conversation about their business. I call this session The Focus because my past clients have told me how much Focus they get from this discussion. Sometimes we don’t get to all of the questions, but many times we do…and then some..

These questions don’t just give *me* all the information I need to create a strategic website to meet your business goals, they give *you* clarity so you know what you’re working towards in the first place.

"The essential questions to build a strategic website" laid over an image of a woman working on a computer

These questions help set the foundation for your website.

Truly understanding who you serve helps you know how and where to show up so your audience actually sees and more easily relates to you.

Knowing who you serve also helps you get clarity on what their problems are so you know exactly how to help them. This will guide you in writing your offers.

Knowing what language your ideal audience uses helps you write your website, blog posts, and also social posts, which builds their trust in you as an expert.

These questions help you identify your target audience and ideal client. They help clarify what solution you bring to solve their problems. They help identify your uniqueness. And they help outline the experience your clients have working with you.

These aren’t questions useful only when working with me. Asking yourself these questions will help you move forward with whoever you work with to create your site, and will give you confidence creating your own.

So, if you’ve been asking yourself “What colors and fonts will reflect what I offer?” or ‘What words should I use on my website?’ Download The Essential Questions To Build Your Consulting Website on a Firm Foundation and get firm on the answers so you can create a website that truly reflects your business, but also puts the information your ideal client needs on that website, so they start to see you as an authority in your space and with confidence can take action towards working with you.

Tricia laughing, looking at the camera

Hello! I’m Tricia, and I help consultants get online with websites that aren’t only great to look at, but that reflect the quality service you provide and do the heavy work to get you booked!

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