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Always Behind the Scenes

Feb 9, 2022

I’ve always been a ‘behind the scenes’ worker.

In school I’d be on a team for group assignments contributing in my quiet way with great final projects. All of my previous jobs were supporting others to accomplish their goals or objectives. Taking customer orders via phone, walking projects through a creative team into production and through to completion, even medical transcription and taking care to support the doctors however I could.

Always working diligently behind the scenes to accomplish tasks and make sure deadlines were met and expectations exceeded.

So, what was my SIL with 2 kids of her own talking about, having time to read blogs? And what was a blog anyway? In 2009, I was ‘stuck’ at home feeling like I was going crazy with two little boys. I found myself captivated once again by the idea that I could help others by sharing the fun, sneaky educational things my boys and I did through my (almost daily) mommy blog posts.

To my surprise I absolutely loved tinkering on the back end to make that blog site look just like I wanted….and kept tinkering and tinkering until I finally decided to take some courses to learn even more. (Hello Skillcrush and courses like web development, WordPress and Visual Design…)

I realized pretty early on that it wasn’t enough for me to learn how to make my own site ‘just right’.

I needed to use these skills for others.

Even in blogging I was that behind the scenes worker.

But that was no longer enough. I realized I could impact even more people’s lives with this new-found website design skill.

Now I’m a helper in a totally different capacity. I help those that have an even greater reach by creating websites that help to attract more clients for that person to help.

I love being part of this ripple effect! I know I’m having a greater impact by helping the helpers!

I’ve learned a few lessons along the way. 

  1. I’ve learned that being part of this ripple effect comes with great responsibility. Forming trusting relationships with my clients, learning about the ins and outs of their business in order to effectively do research into what they need most to move their businesses forward … so they can continue attracting their own ideal clients, clients they can help. I don’t take this lightly and pour all I have into helping the best I can so that my clients can show up the best they can. (And that’s one reason I only take on one client at a time.)
  2. Building websites is something a lot of people can do. However, building a website that is strategic in achieving a goal is something that many don’t view as vital. It’s not enough to build a pretty website if there is no strategy behind it. It’s not a matter of ‘build it and they will come.’
  3. It’s so rewarding helping someone who is helping a multitude of other people. It’s a continual process of learning from each client and improving my process for the next. It’s also digging deep and learning about their businesses that inspire new ideas and improve everyone’s processes…like a huge win-win for all involved!
  4. Boundaries are healthy. Whether that is time-related, deadline-related, or respecting that we each have our own areas of expertise. Boundaries help define parameters that are essential to success.

My vision is helping women consultants and coaches to get online with a professional website that reflects their professionalism which attracts their ideal clients so that they can continue making an impact on others’ lives… and eventually the world. 

Are you a mission-driven woman?

Are you a mission-driven woman with a heart’s desire to make an impact? There are two ways to take action:

  1. Sign up for the on-demand/play when you’re ready workshop with some steps to take to make to attract ideal clients to make a bigger impact:
  2. Sign up for a fit-call for a FOCUS session to get clarity on how you can make a bigger impact with a focused website for your consultant or service-based business:
Tricia laughing, looking at the camera

Hello! I’m Tricia, and I help consultants get online with websites that aren’t only great to look at, but that reflect the quality service you provide and do the heavy work to get you booked!

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