“Every precious drop of change
has a ripple effect”

—  Trudy Vesostsky

What would you do to have a bigger impact in this world?

I’ve been a support person my whole life, always wanting to help the helpers.

Before my two boys were born, I spent almost 7 years working at a marketing agency, helping make sure projects were completed in a way that clients loved. But I walked away from that world to focus on my family.

As much as I loved being a stay at home mom and supportive spouse, I kept feeling tugged to do more. I created my first website in 2010, and four years later realized creating websites for other mission-driven people could be my way to have a bigger impact on the world.

Tricia laughing, looking at the camera
Tricia leaning against the wall smiling at the camera

I spent the next 6 years taking courses on web development, visual design, branding and more. (Check out Skillcrush if you’re interested in learning!) I regularly add to my education so I can continue to provide my clients with the highest level of service.

Just like those I work with, I’m dedicated to perfecting my craft so I can help create real change in this world. This includes being part of my local WordPress community where I am an active meetup member. I’m a five time WordCamp speaker (you can read about that in this post and this post,) and served as co-coordinator for WordCamp Rochester 2019 & 2020 (a conference for local WordPress users.)

Building a business as an introvert has not been easy. Putting myself out there does not come naturally to me. But when I see the difference my clients are making because they’re bold enough to show up online, I know it’s all worth it!

The preparation steps prior to working on the website helped me to drill down and focus on what our business was really about and where we wanted to take it. In hiring you, I got much more than a web-designer, I got a business and marketing consultant.


Owner, Veterinarian, Keseca Vet Clinic

Provided a process for tackling the website, helped me focus on defining what I do and who I am and having a timeline to ensure that I did my part to move it forward. Its exciting and energizing. [Our new website] motivates us to take the next step.


Evaluation Consultant, Evaluation Plus

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