You need a distinctive website!

(and a little about me…)

You want a website to connect with others who are passionate about your business. A website that really reflects your brand and voice. That’s easy for anyone to see, even on their phone!

But…you’ve got a lot of questions…and little time to Google the answers.

And even if you find all the answers, you’ve still got to find more time to try to create the site yourself!


You don’t have that kind of time!

You need someone:

~who knows how to create a website that is ready to go, reflects your business and that you’re proud to call your own. You want to be involved in its creation, but by being led through the process and having input on the final result, not by being told what someone else thinks you need.

~who respects your time and opinions. Who will create a site with an end goal in mind, not one that just looks pretty.

~who understands that sometimes being Mom is more important than anything else in the world.

~to build a professional website that focuses on your visitors and leads them on a path to become customers.

Hey, that sounds like me!

Here’s the ‘About Me’ section….

I was once a Traffic Coordinator at an advertising agency in Michigan, running ad pieces between the project manager, creative designers and proofreaders in dire attempts to meet the client deadline and celebrating with a dish of ice cream (there was a real soda bar always fully loaded with six kinds of delicious ice cream in the lobby of the agency!) But, sometimes we all need a change. For me the change was moving to New York State after many years of my husband and I putting careers first. He became a teacher and I became a mom!

Then, I started blogging in 2010 sharing fun ways moms can connect with their kids. I loved writing about the fun we had, but I loved tinkering with my website even more, eventually taking web development and WordPress courses. Balancing taking classes, chasing my boys and taking care of my family made me appreciate how little time moms have to invest in and build our businesses.

Now I make websites for moms and entrepreneurs who don’t know how or who want to spend time with their families instead of learning how to make a website. Believe me, I know moms can get it done, but it’s nice to have a little help sometimes!

You are looking for someone to walk alongside you. Someone to give you the tools to create and gather your own content, to give input on website-creation progress, resulting in a clean, simple, yet distinctive website for your business that reflects your passion to others.

You’re looking for someone who understands your business needs to hit certain deadlines and who will manage the project in a timely manner.

You need your business to look professional and would love someone to proofread your website copy. (Optional service available)

You want someone who will stay with you after the project ends, making sure you know how to update your website and who will be around for future phases of your site as your business grows, for training and support, and maybe you’re even looking for someone who can help with regular content updates and to keep your site safe.

You’re describing me!

I’ll be honest. I don’t try to be everything to everybody.

Here’s who I work best with:

~ On the Starting Line – You’ve got a great idea of what colors you’d like and you don’t mind using text for a logo. You even have a really firm idea about what content (words) you want to go on your website, but you need someone to get things started (and then a little training.)

~ On the Go – You’re focused on your business and want me to create your site as soon as possible using the colors and logo you already have. You want a little prompting to develop your own content (because you’ve never done this before), or already have your content ready and waiting. You only need 3 pages, and integrating your site with a mail service (Mail Chimp) so you can build your list is a total bonus.

~ On the Run – You have an idea of what you want your site to look like. You’ve already gathered all the fonts and colors, but you need someone to actually do the work.

If you fall somewhere in between (think: the mom who is great at balancing her business and family, but knows she just doesn’t have time between clients to sit down and create a 5 page website for her massage business) well, don’t fret! I do have another package available and I can even help you with weekly and monthly tasks because I know how crazy life gets as a mom. (Check out my Services page for more details).

Ready for a Distinctive Website for your business?

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