4 Steps to Better Connect with Your Website Audience

Aug 3, 2019 | Web Design, WordPress

This week I’ve been prompting my Simply Launched group members to think about their website visitors. Understand their feelings, their pain point and what they really need. Use that knowledge to create something super useful and offer it to your audience so they get a taste of what you are like to work with. (Then use the Landing Page Template Kit a friend and I created to get it in their hands super easily!) 

I started with a quote ~


“The art of listening is not to hear what someone says,
but to hear how they feel.”

— Bob Chapman


4 steps to better connect with your website Audience



I mean, as a web designer, I strongly encourage my clients to think about how their web visitors should feel when they land on their sites. Using this in our planning leads to more strategically designed websites. Ones that are better for clients to connect with their visitors.

Are your visitors feeling something when they visit your website? What is it you want them to feel? If you already have a site, what are they feeling?

When we think about how visitors feel when they are on your site we need to think about how colors, words and images all work together to reinforce that feeling. As part of this, your visitor should be the focus with the intent on connecting with them, rather than thinking with the mindset of ‘I can do this and they’ll like it because *I* think they need it.’



We all need to listen to our ideal clients — truly listen to understand their feelings, not just words. (Me included!) 

To help generate ideas for what your ideal client actually needs, why not ask them? Listen to their needs.

Connect with them through simple questions or polls in the groups you know they hang out in. Ask someone who is your ideal client to chat for a few minutes in real life and discover their real pain points and what would help them best. You’ll get a better idea if they connect more with frills and lace or nature and earth. Carry this through to your site, your freebies, by using those colors, textures and tone of voice. Use their words. Combine it all into one big cohesive picture that your visitor can relate to.



So if you know your ideal audience, their pain points, which colors lead to the feelings they connect with and how you can best help them, the next step is to provide something helpful to them. This could be by way of a pdf or other valuable freebie (like a webinar or challenge) and offer it on your site so you can further develop a relationship with your visitors.

Offering value is a great way to connect directly with your visitors and give them a taste of what it’s like to work with you.



I know you’re already thinking about the whole tech aspect and how you have no idea how to make this all work.

No worries! My web designer friend Dara Simons and I have got you covered with The Landing Page Template Kit! (for both Elementor and Divi themes ~this Divi link is my affiliate link.)

Landing Pages promo image ~ Easy peasy landing pages for easy peasy sales

You’ll get all you need to put your freebie in place on your existing website: landing pages, a training library, hands-on-support, a sales funnel planner and copywriting templates. 

So don’t fret all of the tech stuff. You’ll get everything to walk you through how to do it on your own…or have it installed for you…to create easy peasy landing pages for easy peasy sales!

Before you know it you’ll be customizing these templates with your brand colors and using your brand photos to further connect with your audience just like a pro!

So check out The Landing Page Template Kit today!

…and if you still need a website, you can head over to my services page to learn more about how I can help you get online with a website that suits your needs!

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