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Hi! I’m Tricia!

I know how hard it is to put yourself out there to find clients you love. But I also know how much harder it is to take on client after client that just wears you down because it’s hard to say no. After all, you just want to be helpful, right?

I also believe that websites should be built on a firm foundation, just like my chucks. They should be built to look great, yes, but also to serve a purpose and with a bigger goal in mind…to have your favorite kind of clients begging to work with you!

You can read more about how I think web design, and in particular my web design style, is like my favorite sneaks here, or you can read more about me here.

Tricia produced a beautiful website for me. She listened carefully, asked the right questions, and used my feedback to create a website that reflects my business.

Angela ~ Curriculum Consultant

I had a website design that just wasn’t working for me. Tricia helped me see what was important to showcase about me and my work, and where those pieces fit best on my site. I’m so excited about the redesign of my pages! I think they reflect me and my business quite well now.

Webinars. Coaching. Consulting.Custom Professional Learning, LLC Workshops

I am absolutely delighted with the site and the whole way you patiently, consistently and generously worked with me. Leading the way to success. Helping me to navigate the unknown areas with patience. Your design skills were a tremendous blessing to me! It allowed me to relax about design so I could focus on the services I would offer and the words and way I wanted to use to describe them.

Business CoachKathleen Fischer Coaching

I felt very timid, & overwhelmed by the project of a new website. After speaking with Tricia, I felt more at ease and relieved to let her work her magic. It was a relief for me to let her interpret my vision. I absolutely LOVE it! Tricia captured exactly what I was looking for!

Renshi / Owner GEM Martial Arts

You provided more than just ideas for helping me build our new website content. The preparation steps that you led me through prior to working on the website helped me to drill down and focus on what our business was really about and where we wanted to take it. In hiring you, I got much more than a web-designer, I got a business and marketing consultant.

Brenda Carter
Owner, Keseca Vet Clinic

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